Since 2010, Hyundai has donated 1,000 winter coats each year toFocus:HOPE and the HOPE Village Initiative which is committed to supporting academic achievement of children living in the neighborhoods around the Focus:HOPE campus in Detroit, MI.  The Hope Village Initiative aims to make Detroit a desirable place to live, work and raise a family.  Hyundai also made a $10,000 donation to Focus: Hope to support their mission dedicated to intelligent and practical solutions to reduce hunger, increase economic and educational success, and community development.

In 2012, Hyundai expanded the Coats for Kids initiative to other cities by making a one-time donation of 1,000 winter coats to the Boys & Girls Club of El Paso, TX.  In January 2013, Hyundai also made a one-time donation of 1,000 winter coats to the community organization Park Pride and the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs.

2014 will mark the 5th year of the Hyundai Coats for Kids Initiative.  In addition to supporting the community of Detroit with 5,000 winter coat donations, Hyundai will also be donating 1,000 winter coats to a non-profit organization in Washington DC.  By February 2014, Hyundai will have donated 8,000 coats.

Through the Hyundai Coats for Kids initiative.  Hyundai aims to provide children in underserved communities with the practical necessity of a warm coat to help increase school attendance during cold winter days.